Check and remove malware files from suspended Hostgator account. Please provide a report after cleanup which I can present to Hostgator. Around 25 folders to check.

I have removed many files so the account may be clean.

Step 1

Find malware

The analysis of all hosting files is carried out. More than 10 websites. Analysis by 3 malware scan scanners

Step 2

Analyze malware

Analyze more 200 files. Check malware code. Check all files validation.

Step 3

Remove malware

Remove more 150 files. Fix 50 files malware code.

FANTASTIC work by Dmytro completely understood the nature of the project and had great communication with him. He essentially tackled a massive malware attack on my server account and removed the offending malware.

MT2008Check and remove malware files from Hostgator account